Terms and Conditions

    • Items hired out are done so for a set period of time. They must be returned on time to avoid late fees. 
    • Damage can be defined as any defects made to the item while in the customer’s care. This includes (but is not limited to);
      • Stains
      • Rips
      • Tears
      • Any modifications (eg tightening or loosening garments; readjusting garments in any way, shape, or form); 
  • While jewels falling out can be considered wear and tear, it is worth noting that if there is significant damage, this will be charged accordingly
  • Extra charges are made for special orders
  • Please do not dry clean your items; I look after that for you!
  • At the time of booking, if your card is unsuccessful, your items in your cart will be released. There are strictly no holds.
  • You will be charged $100 per booking; this is a refundable bond. Damages and other charges (if applicable) will be
    taken from this bond before it is refunded to you.


    • The $100 bond charged is refundable
    • Items that are damaged, unusable, or ruined, the relevant monetary amount will be deducted from your bond. In some cases, this may be the cost of your entire bond. We will make contact with you to explain the charges so that you are aware of the charges.
    • Items must be returned by the due date; this is going to be tracked through the Trace and Trace function by NZ Post. Items that are late (as shown by tracking) will be charged accordingly. Please ensure you send your items back on time to avoid these charges
  • Customers are asked to use the preferred postal service to ensure items are returned on time. This includes using tracking.
  • Adding to your order incurs a new postage fee as your order will already have been packaged ready for postage. Please ensure that you select all your items in one order to avoid paying extra postage fees.